3kW - Wave3000

Premium design

Wave series of Radio Transmitters is the result of an innovative hardware design, combining state-of-the-art technology with great ease of management.

Digital Processing
Digital Processing introduces less distortion, requires no calibration and allows more flexibility on input and output signal handling. This technology allows a simple transition to Digital Broadcasting and additional tailor-made features.

Always up-to-date
We’ll release FREE software upgrades, adding new features and constantly enhancing the equipment performance. Simply get the latest software version from our website and upload it in your transmitter via LAN or USB interface.

Free warranty up to 5 years
Wave transmitters are able to collect and process several parameters to evaluate the operating conditions at the site. This feature is crucial for maintenance and for predictive analysis of potential future failures.
Based on the collected data, the unit recommends the proper operations to extend its lifespan, rewarding more careful customers with an unmatched warranty.


First class reliability

We implemented the best technology to make maintenance easier and let you gain full control of your transmitters, allowing you to reduce your running costs.

The best investment for your future

Wave transmitters, thanks to their typical 75% efficiency and exclusive features, work right by your side to minimize your running costs, thus freeing up resources.

Our transmitters, thanks to the Adaptive Efficiency Boost, are able to self-optimize the key parameters of the RF stages to achieve the maximum efficiency in any operating condition.

Wave Plan allows you to fit your power consumption according to your audience. You can create daily and weekly plans, setting up start and stop time and output power level. You can even save and recall plans on different transmitters.


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