Our Company
WaveArt: it’s coming the era of digital humanism

WaveArt is a company specialized in design and manufacture of innovative FM transmitters that provide outstanding performances for cutting-edge radio stations. We are fascinated by smart technology and by solutions able to improve people’s life. Our focus is on people, to their business and to their radio experience.

Our mission

Innovate Radio Broadcasting

The excellence of our products

Reliability, efficiency, design and fair price are just a few of our inspiring principles. Decades of experience in TV Broadcasting and continuous interactions with other fields make our products unique.
Just as unique are the head and the heart of who conceived them.
WaveArt is an ABE Elettronica spin-off.

Our experience at your service

We offer professional technical training courses to enable operators to become familiar with theoretical and practical aspects of radio broadcasting. Detailed content of each course will be customized to suit the particular needs of those attending. Our team assists you in every step of your network planning, as well as in every kind of troubleshooting. We care for human relationships first and we’ll always do our best to put you and your station on top.

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 222 - 24043 Caravaggio (BG) Italy C.F. e P. IVA: 04142380163
Tel: +39-0363.19.25.242 Fax: +39-0363.19.20.199 - info@waveart.it