WaveArt products to be sold directly by ABE


Caravaggio, 11th November 2022


ABE Elettronica announced that, starting from November, the radio products branded WaveArt will be marketed and sold directly by ABE.

This decision was taken with a view to streamlining corporate procedures and being even more responsive toward Partners.

“The mission of ABE - to develop with passion and creativity the complete supply chain of technologies and products for digital and analog Radio and TV Broadcasting - perfectly matches with the aim of innovation that has always distinguished WaveArt products”, said Federico Forlani, the new CEO of ABE.

“All radio products will keep the WaveArt brand; in addition to production, ABE will directly take care of the sales and customer care processes”.


About ABE

Since 1979 we design and manufacture a complete range of equipment for digital and analog Radio and TV Broadcasting.

To be innovative has often meant having the courage to anticipate market needs by offering something unexpected. For this reason, time has rewarded us and today we can count on a real authority gained in the world of broadcast technology.

Our strength is the cross-cutting competence that few others can claim: we embrace all the technological aspects of Broadcasting.

Having developed technologies and products across the Broadcasting chain (signal encoding, microwave links, transmitters, radiation systems) means being able to support Partners in every respect, with open and effective sharing of expertise and global solutions.

ABE equipment is installed in more than 100 countries. Partnering around the world means that we know how to adapt to different needs: a continuous exercise in flexibility.




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